Che cos'è D-Lab e come funziona?

Dromo Lab è la formula per l'apprendimento firmata Dromo Studio, un metodo pratico che permette di imparare facendo senza per questo sottrarsi all'impiego degli strumenti teorici di cui è necessario fare sempre tesoro. 


→D-LAB / Illustration course/

Officine Fratti – Creative Space (PG)

Prof: Mattia Ammirati

Course Date: 4-5-6-7-8 September 2019 

Dead Line: 30/08/2019

Course Fee: € 100

The Illustration course will be given in English.



Day 1: Introduction to the course, illustration as synthesis, texts analysis, insight into the works of the masters. Screening of portfolios.

Day 2: Composition, symmetry, proportions, balance, framing, focal lines.

How to create a flow.

Day 3: Color theory, light, ambience. How they can help us telling a story.

Contrasts and how to create a palette.

Workshop: digital colouring.

Day 4 and 5: finalization of the project.

Final goal of the project:

2 digital illustrations (A3)



– Basic drawing skills (anatomy, perspective, chiaroscuro)

– Tool for digital drawing (laptop + pen tablets / iPad or similar)

– Portfolio of recent works

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